Saturday, October 22, 2005

Epic Journey!

Well, its not really all that epic, I suppose. But Fort St. John to central Edmonton is about 660 km. So thats about 6-7hrs of driving (my kind of driving anyway -- I skip past Grande Prairie just South of Hythe and only make one stop on the whole trip in Valley View! Skipping GP saves about 30-45 minutes I think).

Anyway, it'll be good to get out of here for a bit again. Gonna stop at a few breweries. Maverick brewery opened up recently there, I think my friend made an appointment with the brewmaster to come by and chat. They only have one beer for now. An american style lager, but all malt, no adjuncts. Apparently pretty good. And then there is this open house for the 10th birthday of Alley Kat brewing. I don't know if its so much of an open house, but I got an invite via CAMRA Calgary chapter. Hopefully I'm not crashing the party!

Well, its late, and I plan on getting up at 4 am to leave FSJ by 5.... ug.

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