Monday, October 17, 2005

Resume Crap

Well crap. There was a small oppertunity at a brewery in Calgary a couple of weeks ago, they were looking for some help. I fired off what I had for a resume, or at least I thought I did... just found in in my "drafts" folder today. That sucks.

But I had decided to write a new resume and cover letter for myself... I'll give it to all the alberta breweries and hey, maybe something will come up. Its not like I'm in a rush to leave my current job (which I like), but at some point I gotta take that first step.

So I forgot how much I hated writing resumes and cover letters. Half the time it seems like I'm wording things that sound so fake just to be professional. But whatever. The cover letter was hard until I decided I'd talk more about my passion for brewing/beer rather than talk at length about my education or prior work experience (al lot of which is irrelevent).

Anyway, so maybe its ok that the email wasn't sent... at least now I can send something thats relevent and sounds better than what I threw together in haste and excitement. I wrote this about what I love about brewing and beer in general:
  • Brewing is scientific. It is an extremely complex process of biochemical interactions. Even a slight change in one parameter can change the final product for better or worse. This complexity intrigues me; the amount there is to learn is enormous.
  • Brewing is an art. Despite all of the biochemistry and physics that can be applied to brewing, there are still things that science has trouble explaining. Beer is as subjective as any art – a beer that is loved by one person is hated by another. I love the challenge of designing something that others and I will enjoy.
  • Beer is about happiness. When enjoyed responsibly, beer brings people together. I’d bet that almost every culture in the world has a custom for sitting down and socializing over a beverage. People catch up with old friends, celebrate the team’s big win, develop new friends, and generally have fun. And beer is often a part of that. I love making a batch of brew, inviting my friends over, and giving it all away for their enjoyment. Although giving beer away generally doesn’t work for a commercial brewery, I would love to see people enjoy something I made and be a part of their happiness.
Yep. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

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