Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Weekend of Firsts

Ug, that drive is long. ~660 km to Edmonton from Fort St, John, and then back again. To get back I left at 4:00 am BC time from Edmonton today. That's not a drive you wanna do on 4 hours of sleep.

On a negative note, I got my very first speeding ticket (I guess it had to happen eventually...). 128 km/h in a 100 zone :P. But the cop put it down to 118, so my ticket was only $113.

On a positive note, I played curling for the first time. Its a pretty cool sport, but my leg hurts... I need to learn how to slide better.

But I went with some friends to a the Alley Kat Brewery for an Oktoberfest open house event they were having. Kinda felt like we were crashing the party for awhile, since I was invited "second hand" by a group that was invited. But hey, Neil the brewmaster was really nice and made us feel welcome (we also showed up right as the event started so we couldn't even blend in!). Our presence was legitimized a little more by the fact that a friend of mine is using Alley Kat to contract brew test batches of a new beer for a brewery he and some investors are planning on opening. Its a 50% wheat ale, light in body and flavour. Kinda aimed to be a refreshing summer style everyday beer. So we got to try it right out of fermentation (and get to be the first and only people to try it!). Seemed pretty ok, but it also depends on the demographic. For your "average" person who would drink Canadian or Bud, this would be pretty ok. But for people who like beers with a little more flavour or interesting qualities it could use a little more something. So it was decided to dry-hop the beer with more Saaz hops to add more aroma and a bit of flavour. Should be good to try when it comes out after dry-hopping.

Other good news though, talking to the brewmaster they might be looking for somebody in a few months, it would be interesting to get in there. I love their beer, they have a pretty good following, and their operation is relatively small which I like. And I kinda like Edmonton, especially the area around the University, and I know a lot of people around there. So yeah... sweet :).

Anyway, I should get to work, I just had a little nap ... for 3 hours.



Lynne said...

Wow....you've never curled before? :) I guess learning how to curl is a perk of growing up in Sask...hope things work out with that brewery, sounds cool. And as for the long drive, you'll have to ask me sometime how much driving I do at Christmas, we have to visit 2 areas of SK, and Portage MB, in 5 days. Not fun, considering there's at least 3 days of driving total.

headlessbob said...

Yeah, never curled. And everybody I was with was from Sask :P
I'll pick it up one of these days.