Thursday, October 20, 2005


Sweet, my postgrad prospectus / application form from HWU (Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland) arrived today. I finished filling out half of it already :). Not really all that bad. Just gotta figure out how to get a "Statement of Financial Garantee".
(see my last blog for info about why I'm considering HWU)

I noticed one odd thing at UofC though... I went to look online for the list of all of my courses, and none of my courses that I transfered to UofC are on there anymore (they used to be). I hope they appear on the transcript sent out. I guess it doesn't really matter, I have to send them my MRC transcript too.

Now I just need a time machine to skip time forward until Sept 2006 :)



Stephanie said...

Hey B, I am bored at the synchrotron, and you story about the brew made me laugh...I think I may skip out of trying that one :) I feel sorry for your neighbours

headlessbob said...

Yeah, and its not working out either... smells like bannanas. I hate bannanannans however the hell you spell that stupid fruit. Contamination!! Woot!