Friday, August 04, 2006

Professional Tasting

I've found since I've started brewing professionally (and since its my job to also taste the beer almost daily to make sure I didn't fuck it up) I've found my ability to taste the differences from batch to batch has increased quite a bit. Apparently I may be more critical of my brewing than I need be... apparently the comments of late have been to the effect of "wow, your beer is great these days", and even the owner/brewmaster has said he finds the beer better than usual these days. Woot! Its good to hear that, sometimes I worry that the small things make more of an effect than they do... like not quite hitting the right mash temperature, or missing that hop addition by a few minutes. But I guess there is some give in those parameters.

Anyway, I was thinking I should write a longer post about "Advice On How To Get Into Professional Brewing" or something. I'd include my experiences plus other suggestions that I haven't actually done but heard about. Anybody out there have any specifc questions that might be good to add to this?


Anonymous said...

Are beer sales declining?

headlessbob said...

nope, going up... like crazy!

Anonymous said...

Sales have gone up since I started drinking Alley Kat, and you know what a lush I am!!!!