Friday, August 18, 2006

Importing iTunes Statistics into amaroK

So I finally have a nice gentoo system up and running. Of course, I love my music, and I also love my statistics on my music. Seems that nobody had actually written a full script for importing iTunes info into amaroK (which is a pretty awesome media player that runs on Linux). So anyway, I found this link on the amarok forums, and decided to expand on it. I haven't done any programming for like 2 years, and I'm a brewer not a programmer really, so if the programming sucks... well too bad, it still worked (for me...)

Here is a link to the script I created: (rename from txt to pl... obviously)

This script will
  • Import user ratings from iTunes
  • Import play counts from iTunes
  • Create a percentage score for the tracks based on user rating and play count
  • Import date added to iTunes
  • Import date last played on iTunes
All that is needed is an exported XML file from iTunes.
So yeah, I'm glad I got this working... enjoy... if anybody else even needs it (I imagine it will be used).


Anonymous said...

this post contains was too much nerd in it

headlessbob said...

Maybe my other posts just didn't have enough nerd in them...?

Maybe I should change my blog from a beer blog to a general life/nerdery blog, including beer nerdery.

Anonymous said...

Nerd blog specializing in beer nerdery. Yes that would be quite appropriate.

headlessbob said...

I just need to get back to the beer nerdery I suppose...
Next week :)

Anonymous said...

Gawd I love the internets.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

If it contains too much nerd maybe you shouldn't be using linux.

Anonymous said...

can you update the link to this script if it still exists? Thanks :-)

bwestcott said...

Well, unfortunately my script is gone. See:


Anonymous said...

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