Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just a Post

Ug, sorry to the like 5 people who check my blog that I haven't been updating lately... I've been busy...lazy...etc. Unfortunately I've been grabbed by the Lost season 2 bug. It started on saturday... my roomate and I watched the first 8 episodes of season 2 straight through. We've averaged 2 a night since then, and as you can imagine at ~42 minutes per episode you don't get a lot of other things done.

Coming up soon here I plan on having a beer tasting night, I'll hopefully record my reviews of each beer and post them here.

As for other beer news-stuff... hm. I've been drinking a lot of coffee these days instead of beer. I really like coffee... like sometimes more than beer. A nice heavy dark roast or a dbl shot of expresso. I guess I just like stuff with flavour. I went a little crazy last week though when I was programming the scripts below... I had to solve a problem so I went to my local coffee house and had an expresso... then 3 more coffees. To say the least, I felt HIGH afterwards. It was crazy.

Maybe I should start a coffee blog... or at least brew an expresso stout :)

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Slave-4-Code said...

Hmm LOST - its tv-show? Heh dude you're funny:) Well I like beer & coffee too. Its good to have a cold bottle of beer after hard day. Btw Lithuanian beer is very tasty! You should try "Svyturys" it won lots of awards in the world :) Oh whatever.