Saturday, May 05, 2007

A new post...

Ok, well I'm far too tired to create a real new post now, but I have lots of beer news. First, I brewed another English bitter... but then I lost my brewday logsheet and I did a lot of things different than my planned recipe. That sucks.

Next, our brewery is releasing a raspberry mead which is quite awesome if I don't say so myself, it should be out in a few weeks, even though we have it in bottles now, we just need labels. If you ask nicely I might let you have some early... ;)
In addition, I just filtered out kristalweizen today, and its rather tasty. It won't be available for a few weeks. Oh, and don't buy any Kiltlifter (our last seasonal) as I want to take it all home...

I'm currently listening to Amon Tobin's Live aux Docks de Lausanne set, and its pretty awesome. But then again, what of his isn't awesome? He is by a wide margin my favorite artist ever. If you haven't heard his stuff, get it and listen... because seriously he is brilliant.



Anonymous said...

Hey man,
just stumbled upon your blog from the amarok itunes code you posted. An interesting read indeed. I am into the consumer side of the beer "industry", but I'f definitely hit you up if you live up close;)
Where are you from, BTW?

Anonymous said...

well, Alberta, CA as it seems;)
I'm from NY, too bad we're that far apart;)

headlessbob said...

Heh, thanks, that code took me some time to figure out so its good some people are getting use out of it!