Thursday, April 19, 2007

200th Post Extravaganza

Ok, well since this post is my 200th post I have been avoiding actually writing it as I feel I should write something big and important...

But alas, faithful readers (all 6 of you), I have nothing exciting to report. My beers that I entered to Regina didn't win any medals, perhaps because I definitely over-sanitized the bottles with a too-strong sanitizer solution. The bottles I tried that were left here tasted sharp and 'bitey'. Either that or all my beers sucked. But at least the stuff I served on tap to my friends and to the Homebrewers' Guild were very well received, so thats all I really care about. In fact, in the last two weekends people have drank about 30 L of my homebrew... I need to make more homebrew now!

Speaking of making more homebrew... well, it seems like my time is lacking these days. I'd love to make an English IPA though.

Ok, so thats it for my lame 200th post... cheers.

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