Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Blogger's Lament

Yeah, I've been too lazy to update lately. Lazy and a little busy too. Bah. And I'm not going to do a real update now either. I did, however, brew a belgian strong dark on sunday. Although I'm thinking the only thing thats making it a belgian style of beer is the fact that is uses belgian yeast and caramel syrup. It uses "english" style everything -- english hops, english malts... different yeast and it would have been a barley wine.
The brew went ok, except for a few oddities that I will explain... ... eventually.
Although from what I understand, of the people that read my blog only two or three actually know what the hell I'm talking about when I write about brew days.

Meh, for now.



badbendrs said...

I brew at least one Belgian Strong Dark per year. Your recipe looks good.

I know what you mean about posting the details or oddities encountered on a mash/brew day. My extract-brewing friends sometimes don't even get it. Sometimes, I think that I'm just posting for myself (and maybe you).

I've been lazy. I need to post about my brewing activities for the last 6 weeks. I've had some fun.

Happy brewing,
Bad Ben

headlessbob said...

I think I'll keep posting the oddities, really... even if only one or two people know what I'm talking aboot, its at least interesting to those people.

And really, those 1 or 2 people probably make up 25% of my regular traffic anyway :P

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