Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm going to Belgium

First, some of you with keen eyesight may notice that I've re-branded my blog. The Beer of Brian sounds slightly less lame than Brian's Beer Blog. I'm trying to think of a better name, but for now this is all I have.

Anyway, in regards to the title... yes, I am going to Belgium. My friend Mike is doing some traveling to Europe. So we'll spend a few days sampling the local product here in Edinburgh, then onward to Belgium July 1st-ish.

When I was in Lisbon I was very kindly offered a place to visit/stay in Ghent by some fellow tourists, so that ought to be on my list to see. Hopefully I can get access to some "inside tours" at some breweries. After all I'm a pro-brewer, and just finishing off my MSc in brewing, so hopefully that pulls some weight when contacting breweries. Its nice to talk to the actual brewers, after all. Maybe I'll get some hints on brewing methods ;). When I was working at the craft brewery I enjoyed other brewers coming by, after all. Perhaps somebody else will feel the same. Otherwise I'll have to settle for the usual touristy tours that explain all the basics. Bah.

So I'll update when I know more. In celebration, I drank Bacchus Kriekenbier which is from a family-owned brewery in Belgium. Not too sour, not too sweet. Good amount of cherry, certainly not overdone. I quite like it, I'd say its quite well rounded and I like the slight sour bite. Its been awhile since I've had a decent sour beer (other than at Mather's the other night, but that wasn't supposed to be sour...)



Anonymous said...

Go Monty Python and name your blog the "Beer Life of Brian". :P

headlessbob said...

Ah! Perfect!
Thank you kind anonymous!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Now get me a shrubbery! :)

bwestcott said...

To whoom do I owe the thanks to anyway?

Anonymous said...

Mark from the EHG. 'Twas too lazy to type in a name the other day and the anonymous button was too appealing.

bwestcott said...

Ah, good to hear from you Mark! I'll be back in early August for a visit.

Mark said...

Cheers Brian. Bruce still wants to get you up to the lake so keep that in mind. Any idea what the future holds, job-wise, when you get back?