Friday, December 12, 2008

Its xmas time again (and a new seasonal beer!)

Wow, apparently I've kept this blog up for more than three years now. Often times (like these last few months) its been very sparse in posts, but I think there is some good content over the years. In fact, I know there is some good content since I still get emails and comments from people for several of my posts over the years.

Anyway, I only have one bit of news I suppose. Last Friday I brewed the new seasonal beer at Alley Kat, which will be an English dark mild of about 3.5% abv. From the test batches, it should have lots of crystal & chocolate malt flavours with just enough hop bitterness to balance the sweetness. I love the mild style, and I think we should be drinking it more in North America. When I was in Scotland it was great to go to the pub and drink pints of real ale that was often below 4% abv. You could drink good tasting beer and not get trashed. Unless you drank a lot of it... but even then you were far less hungover in the morning.
In any case, I can't wait for the final product.

In other news... I've gone crazy buying safety equipment for my new car. I can't wait to get stuck in a remote wilderness location so I can use my fire-staring equipment and blankets. Or find a new car accident so I can use my first aid kit. Or pull up to someone on the side of the road who just happens to need a 1/16" nut driver... anyway, yeah I went a little crazy at Canadinan Tire. I love going there.



Rob said...

Mild as a seasonal beer ay? Thats quite novel. By coincidence my seasonal Panda Clause by my very own Panda & Frog home brewery has came out alittle similar to Santa's Progress, one of the seasonals brewed at work.

Rico said...

Looking forward to trying a locallly brewed mild, I'm a big fan of the style.

Is it almost time for Olde Deut to be brewed again? I'm looking forward to the new batch of that one as well.

Philip said...

It's 9am and I could do with some of that chocolate beer, having slept through the New Year

Jenn & Owen said...

After a tiny amount of research on Class E Liquor licences in Alberta, it turns out that the minimum production for a distillery is 72,000 cases (6500 HL, 2500 HL Absolute alcohol) a year. There is no provision for a microdistillery. What does this tell us? We need to annoy the government.

Jenn & Owen said...

Ah, yes, Xmas. A wonderful time of the year... Nearly upon is again.

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