Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NYC: First Day Reviews

So, this is the first installment blog of my New York trip (which was "awesome", if I haven't said so before).
My first day was technically covered in this earlier blog entry, sans the beer reviews. We picked up 3 six-packs that evening...
Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55
Pretty much a simple ale, mild in flavour all around. A pretty easy drinking beer.... I couldn't find much to comment on. Theres nothing really wrong with it, but its also not very interesting. At least it has some flavour though.

Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA
Fairly yellow in colour (yes, I said coloUr...). I get a fairly mild almost woody hop aroma. Medium carbonation. It has a slightly grassy hop flavour and medium "plus" bitterness... not TOO bitter like many IPAs out there these days, but noticeable. Smooth and not biting bitterness in the aftertaste too. The beer has plenty of malt flavour too, which is very well balanced. I really liked this beer, I have to say their continual hopping over the length of the boil technique does create a distinct hop bitterness/flavour/aroma profile. I wish I was able to try the 90 minute. I grabbed a six pack to take back home.

Sierra Navada Stout:
Unfortunately the six pack of this we got seemed a little old to me. I got the oxidized flavour out of it, but sometimes the good thing about a nice stout is that the roast flavour in it can mask it. I still liked it, but I don't think I'd give it a fair review off an old bottle. It whent VERY well with a chocolate cake a friend had made... :)

On to day 2.... cheers!

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