Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New York Trip!

Yep, so it looks like I'm going to NY for a week, Sept 16-24. I plan to visit some friends, see the sights, but most importantly, try some beers!!
I'm staying right near the Bellevue medical centre, in Manhattan. I plan on visiting the Brooklyn brewery and Sixpoint Ales in Brooklyn, as well as the Heartland Brewery Union Square (just a few blocks away!) and Chelsea Brewing brew pubs. I've emailed all of them, hopefully they are nice enough to want to have me in for a brewing chat & a pint or three. I think I'd like to bring down some samples of beer from my brewery if I can, we'll see. I definately plan on bringing back lots of beer myself (more than the 24 allowed... but I'll pay the excise tax on them no prob).

Theres a few beer pubs I plan on checking out too... The Ginger Man, Gramercy Tavern, and St. Andrew's Pub. They're all somewhat close to where I'm staying and are highly rated on Beeradvocate.

So, that means I'll have brewery/beer reviews to post while I'm there/when I get back. It'll be a beer blog again!

I welcome any New York travel suggestions!

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