Monday, February 11, 2008

Pilot Brewery at Heriot-Watt University / ICBD

So its about time I posted some photos of the pilot brewery here at school. Its basically a 200 L system custom made just for the school for training purposes. These photos and more can be viewed by clicking on them or as part of this set.

The brewery
The brewhouse. In front is a mash filter, a common device in larger breweries. There is also a lauder tun, which is a bit more traditional. In the middle to the back is the mash mixer / boil kettle, and a cereal cooker beside it to the left.

Boil Kettle
Mash mixer / boil kettle. The boil kettle is fitter with an external calandria, which I think is pretty much the best available wort boiling method if you can afford it.

Conditioning Tanks
In the front are some cold conditioning tanks, flanked by the fermenters. Everything is glycol jacketed and the fermenters have heaters too.

Heat Exchanger
Nice small plate heat exchanger.

Sheet Filter
A taken-apart sheet filter. The beer produced here isn't usually meant to be sterile. It doesn't have to last more than a few weeks usually, so nothing fancy is needed.

Can you spot Alley Kat?
A wall of bottles from around the world, mostly from former brewing students I believe... can you spot the Alley Kat Barley Wine bottle? Thats the brewery I used to work at in Edmonton.

OLD Beer
Fucking old bottles... the Bass bottle says it was brewed in 1869!!

Spirit Still
There is also a pilot distillery. This is the spirit still, with a bubble cap distillation column attached to it.

Well, thats it for this update. Enjoy the photos.

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