Thursday, January 24, 2008

360 Panorama and Cambridge Beer Festival

First, I'll post this... I just put together a huge 360 degree hilltop view from 115 photos. Its a little crude, but if you click on the photo below you can see what it was like at the top of that hill:
360 Panorama Near Edinburgh

Second, tomorrow I'm heading down to a CAMRA winter cask ales festival in Cambridge, England. I've been to Cambridge before and it is quite beautiful. It shall be nice to go again... I have a friend who just moved there, and another guy in the brewing program here is from Cambridge so I'm sure the combination of good beer and friends will make for a merry weekend... hey, maybe you'll see me there!



Jenn & Owen said...

I went to the CAMRA festival when I was in London. I can only tell you that my jealousy is overwhelming nearly all the good feelings that the memory of 350 cask ales for 1.70 sterling a pint brings back.

video 360° said...

Looks great ;)
A breath of fresh air from abroad!
Aaaah, tourism in 360°...

If you ever want to travel to Geneva... not necessary, just check this immersive 360° video: