Thursday, December 06, 2007

Vist to Baird's Malt

Last week our class took a trip to see a malt production facility. Malted barley comes from... well, barley, and the primary dry ingredient in beer. Baird's Malt, about 30 min outside of Edinburgh, processes quite a bit of malt for the distilling industry which is taking off right now (they have other plants elsewhere that make other malts). I took a few photos... here they are:
G7 IMG_4325 - Version 2.jpg
G7 IMG_4329 - Version 2.jpg
G7 IMG_4333 - Version 2.jpg
G7 IMG_4334 - Version 2.jpg
G7 IMG_4335 - Version 2.jpg


Wei said...

Those pics remind me of days I had an internship in a brewery factory...never been there again. :)

CBA said...

Should've entered some of these photos in the Photo Contest on Alan's A Good Beer Blog or Stonch's blog.