Monday, September 24, 2007

Packed and ready...leaving on a jet plane

Well, today I did the final pack and such... I fit everything I can think of into two bags with room and weight to spare:

Leaving for Scotland  003.jpg
All of my crap...

Leaving for Scotland  004.jpg
Cool vacuum bag that shrinks when you suck the air out...

Leaving for Scotland  005.jpg
Compressed bag... much smaller! As long as the airport guys don't want to search it...

Leaving for Scotland  006.jpg
Yep, everything in 2 bags. The duffel is 18 kg and the backpack is 16.

Leaving for Scotland  007.jpg
It really doesn't look like much does it?

Anyway, my flight is tomorrow at 18:40. I should be settled in my dorm room any everything hopefully by Tuesday evening, perhaps I can get internet again. Although by that point I may want to sleep... or socialize with what are hopefully some cool flatmates...
Hm, I just realized that I don't have a travel alarm clock... I should do something about that.

Anyway... cheerio!

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